Collaboration with Cakehouse

"Henri’s Papers"

The Antwerp-based Cakehouse Collective received 110 pages of very nice old paper from the atelier of theBelgian graphic artist “Henri van Straten“. They then invited some artists to intervene on some of the pages. It’s a continuous story, in layers. Some pages were still empty, other ones already have a layer of a former artist. The papers were posted between artists 

Vaast Colson, Robert Dupic, Fred Bervoets, Tom Poelmans, Lieven Segers, Michele Matyn, Mehdi Shobo Shobo, Tom Tosseyn, Wesley Wolkman, hannah_g, Dennis Tyfus.

I used LetraSett that a friend had found to insert lines from a few of my poems into the images on the posters.