Anecdotalist in Residence

In the spirit of coming together and the stories, incidents, and undocumented activity that will arose thereof, I faithfully and partially recounted and imagined the Flotilla gathering as it happened. During the formal and informal events of Flotilla, and from exploring its location in Charlottetown, I  gathered long and short anecdotes, both real and imagined, from delegates, attendees, and inhabitants of the island and disseminated them via Twitter and Instagram.

The anecdotes ran the gamut of factual, deadpan, funny, and serious in order to reconfigure intimate and intellectual spaces, and imaginatively interpret the gathering. I presented the spirit of Artist Run Centres- experimental, thoughtful, mischievous, questioning, and performative- to those involved and the broader public. A kind of archive of anecdotal folklore of the event now exists. you can see a selection of them below…

In the two weeks preceding the conference, posters and flyers were disseminated in Charlottetown in order to encourage the local population to follow the A-i-R’s social media accounts and also to engage with the events taking place as part of Flotilla.

I did not produce anything libelous. Kindness and criticality are at the heart of my practice.

With thanks to the organisers of Flotilla and my fellow artist-run centre workers.