Plague Fantasies

A collaboration between Canadian sound artist, Ken Gregory, and hannah_g.

_g reads texts written during the Covid 19 pandemic over Gregory’s soundscapes.

The EP is a gesture of solidarity: by expressing our experiences of the Covid-19 crisis we hoped to provide affirmation and respite, a means of making sense of, and escaping into, experiences that are not one’s own.

The EP is a kind of call and response between two people who, though one-time neighbours, cannot meet in person. This situation is common all over the world now. Plague Fantasies is a small testimony to the determination to listen and respond and the slippery interpretations that can ensue.

Gregory and _g share the goal of creating alternative intimate spaces of experience whether through stories and experimental writing (_g) or performative media and robotics. This was an opportunity for the artists to riff on each other’s practices and expand their respective interests in hacking lived experience to find more connections between people and places as well as new perspectives.

Made with the generous support of the Manitoba Arts Council.